A la carte

2 Courses (not possible on saturday)   41€

3 Courses                                                             56€

4 Courses                                                              69€

The portions of all courses are about the same, somewhere in between a starter and a main.    

Salmon gravlax/ green apple/ edamame

Mozzarella/ pickled colrabi/ sundried tomatoes/ tomato juice/ basil (V)    
Ceviche tiger prawns/ orange/ ginger/ grapefruit/ sesame    
Smoked trout/ radish/ cucumber/ potato mousseline    
Asparagus/ ramsons/ old cheese/ buttermilk (V)    
Lamb’s tongue/ smoked eggplant/ fava beans    
Roasted cauliflower/ romesco/ parmesan/ rosemary (V)    

Royal bream/ risotto celeriac / watercress cream/ lemonmousseline

Veal/ peas/ new potatoes/ vealstock    




Rhubarb/ raspberries/ goat’s milk yoghurt (10€)    
Dame blanche (12€)    
Cheese (12€)    


Possible between 12:00 – 14:00

Starter and main course : 32€, only main cource : 22€