A la carte

2 Courses (not possible on saturday)   49€

3 Courses                                                             62€

4 Courses                                                              74€

The portions of all courses are about the same, somewhere in between a starter and a main.    
Due to a lack of hands in the kitchen, it is not possible to do vegan menus!    

Carpaccio tomato-peach/ burrata/ vervain (V)

Pissaladière/ granité goat’s cheese/ watercress (V)    
Seabream/ kohlrabi/ fennel/ pistachio    
Artichoke/ green beans/ radicchio/ mustarddressing (V)    
Duck/ cherries/ beetroot/ lentils    
Pulpo/ red pepper/ zucchini/ couscous/ pesto    
Porc bellybacon/ eggplant/ carots tandoor/ walnut    


Plums/ buckwheat cake/ meadowsweet ice  (12€)    
Dame blanche (14€)    
Cheese (14€)    






Possible between 12:00 – 14:00

Starter and main course : 37€, only main cource : 26€